My Story...

Looking in from the outside, I had created a lifestyle many people dream about... living completely location independent, jet setting around the globe doing what I wanted while partying like a rock star.
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But the truth was far from it. I was deeply unhappy with myself and after ten years of supressing deep emotional pain by being work-a-holic, the consequences of my choices had finally caught up with me.

Thinking a ten day silent meditation in the South Thailand jungle would solve all my problems, I instead came back to New Zealand feeling like I had completely lost my mind, unable to even turn on my laptop and too anxious to be in the same room with the people I cared about. I walked away from a raft of successful businesses and hid in a remote beach house from family and friends for four months for fear of being locked up and labelled 'insane'.

Having been diagnosed with Depression, PTSD, Anxiety and Adrenal Fatigue I felt completely hopeless, sad, alone and had mentally given up on life. As a last resort I agreed to try Anti-depressants.

While the anti-depressants helped numb the emotional pain I was feeling inside, I became completely disconnected to my feelings, lost my libido as a side effect of the medication I was on, couldn't feel the consequences of my actions and spent the next nine months going for broke clocking up six figures of debt.

But it wasn't until I hit rock bottom that I was able let go of the idea of 'escaping my depression' embrace the way I was feeling and ask for help from alternative holistic practitioners.

Little did I know that my journey back into wellness had only just begun. Every professional I visited had different tips and advice to get me well, there were a million books to read, research papers to learn, helpful life tools to implement, nutritional plans to go on, exercises to do and an endless list of health supplements to take. I was in wellness overload.

Why wasn't this information all in the one place? Why didn't health professionals share information and work together better so I didn't have to keep re-telling my story each time? Why was the wellness industry the most disconnected industry around? Why didn't lifecoaches, doctors, nutritionalists, personal trainers, friends, family and finacial advisers all work together to support changes in peoples lives?

I spent the next three years researching and experimenting with natural ways to improve my "depressive-like symptoms" and eventually weaned myself off anti-depressants.

Motivated to help people through my experiences, I founded a charity to inspire others suffering from "depressive-like symptoms" called Live More Awesome with my best friend Jimi Hunt and was recently awarded a Guinness World Record for building The World's Longest Waterslide (600 metres) in Vernon New Jersey. Two documentaries have been made about The World's Biggest Waterslide and we've used the media attention we received around the world to start conversations around normalizing the lesser talked about topic of mental health.

I then created WellMe.Coach initially to provide a one stop digital wellness centre for people with "depressive-like-symptoms" and later widened the scope to provide anyone with all the tools, education, information and support they need to improve their lifestyles, improve their wellbeing and change the way they feel.

My mission is simply to create tools that give people more time and improve wellbeing around the world.

You can read about the other things I do at my website - www.dandrupsteen.com.
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